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SEO for Acupuncture Websites

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Acupuncture SEO Services

We offer a variety of services for your acupuncture website.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Learn all about Search Engine Optimization and how it can help your business accrue new patients.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Keyword research identifies which words or phrases are beneficial to target for an SEO campaign.

On-page Optimization

On Page Optimization

On-page optimization involves technical details including content structure and internal linking.

SEO Consulting

SEO Consulting

We can help with all of your SEO consulting needs without you needing to hire a dedicated employee.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

Data analysis allows us to track SEO campaigns so improvements are made. We put data to work!

Website Design

Website Design

Get a compelling new website or give your current one a facelift. We also offer website maintenance services.

We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

With over 14 years of Search Engine Optimization experience, we have learned what works best for our clients regardless of their location.

Acupuncturist SEO

Achieve strong rankings and presence from your acupuncture website while you focus on your patients’ health. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Happy Clients

Takashi YamamotoTakashi Y.

“Keith has been helping me with SEO and managing my website since 2011. He does a good job bringing me a steady stream of clients and keeping my website updated.”

“Keith has been working with us since 2009. He has been instrumental in maintaining our website and also maintaining our SEO. Our site has been getting hundreds of visitors every week and it has allowed our business to hire more practitioners and expand our client list. We recommend Keith to everyone that needs webdesign and SEO.”

“I will continue to use Keith’s services as he knows what he is doing. He explains SEO well and consults me about any changes.”

Answers to Your Questions

What is an SEO expert?

An SEO expert is someone that improves a website’s rankings on search engines like Google. The closer your website appears to the top of the search results, the more clicks you will get.

Why do I need SEO?

Having a website is only half the equation for digital marketing. You also need a way to drive people to your site. SEO is one of the most effective ways to increase your site’s traffic. Chances are your competitors are doing it as well.

Are you acupuncturists?

No, but we have been working with acupuncturists since 2009 and have a firm understanding of the basics as well as some higher level understanding of TCM concepts. We are also patients.

What kind of results can I expect?

No Search Engine Optimizer can promise you #1 rankings, or any rankings for that matter as that is controlled by Google’s algorithm which includes hundreds of factors. What we can promise you is that you will get 100% dedication to your ranking goals. As part of our free consultation, we show you where your competition lies and give you an estimate on what it would take to beat them. Keep in mind that SEO is a process that builds over time. It’s impossible to get you #1 results tomorrow but through time and dedication, we can help you climb the search engine ladder.

How do you measure SEO success?

If you are getting more visitors to your site and more phone calls, sustained for months, then I feel like that is SEO success.

We use a variety of tools to measure analytics and SEO variables like the number of visitors to your site, keyword rankings, and the quantity and quality of the backlinks to your website.

Reports are available on demand and are also delivered monthly with a free phone call available to explain everything.